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Botox related questions

How much does the treatment cost?

R60 per unit; the average treatment uses between 35 and 45 units.

How long does it last?

4 – 6 months, for some people longer.  Some people find that they unlearn the habit of e.g. frowning, and therefore use the muscle less – allowing the treatment effectiveness to be extended.

Is it safe?

The amounts used are safe and controlled.  Side-effects and reactions are rare.

How does BT work?

BT disrupts the communication between the brain and the muscle at the point where the two connect. The receptors sending the message from the brain to the muscle to contract, do not reach the muscle – and the muscle does not contract. This effect only lasts as long as it takes the body to reroute the messengers.

Where is BT injected?

BT is injected in strategic areas on the muscles causing lines when contracting, e.g. frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. The doctor will assess the strength of contraction and extent of skin wrinkling before deciding where to place the BT for the best results. Ideally, no lines should be visible in the area where the BT has taken effect.

What is BT used for?

BT treatments are best known for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles and gummy smiles. BT can also be used for medical concerns, i.e. teeth clenching (bruxism), migraines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), chronic muscular tension, nervous ticks, droopy eye syndrome, etc.

What must I DO and what must I AVOID immediately after the BT treatment?

  • Avoid touching the area for the first 4 hours and then be careful for a total of 12 – 24 hours following treatment. This is to avoid moving the product to areas not intended. 
  • For the first 4 hours it is recommended to pull faces– specifically the areas treated. This helps to settle the product. 
  • If possible, do not apply any make-up; remove make-up GENTLY using the angles and directions as shown by the doctor or assistant. 
  • Be careful with your sunglasses as the rims may lie against your skin and redirect the product. 
  • Avoid any exercise or any activity creating heat, e.g. sauna, steam room, etc.
  • Avoid wearing any head gear, e.g. a cap, swimming cap, sun hat, etc.

How long does a treatment take?

A general treatment, including the initial assessment takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Am I ready for BT?

Do you see lines on your face when frowning or squinting?  Do these lines remain faintly visible when you relax your face again?  If yes, you are ready.